Brisk Walk At Batavia Township Community Center

The Batavia (Ohio) Township Community Center at 1535 Cough Pike, has a newly finished path around the parameter of the center area. We walked at noon on Nov., 22, 2015, temperature 31 degrees with a breeze. The path was wide, newly paved, mostly concrete with some black top areas, flat, surrounding the community center building and picnic areas. The outer edge of the trail was lined with some trees, backyards of houses, and Cough Pike road. Because the area is mainly a flat open field, there is nothing to break the wind, and it can blow hard depending on which direction you are walking, and since it was 31 degrees, the wind was quite cold at times. There is also a small pond with geese near the beginning which left the trail there covered with goose poop. The trail measured one mile from beginning to end.

Bat003Restrooms: The community center building was closed, so the only restroom was one port-a-potty.

Traffic Noise: The side of the trail along Clough Pike was noisy, with some traffic.

Interesting Features: There were several permanent exercise stations along the path with excellent outdoor equipment. This was interesting, but of no use to us walkers.


Historic Point of Interest:  The Humvee military vehicle displayed at the entrance to the community center is a memorial to Gulf War veterans.  After being demolished, it was refurbished to working order and donated by BAE systems of Fairfield, Ohio.


Overall Rating: It was good, but not excellent. A nice easy walk with some interesting features, but since the trails went around the perimeter of a field, it was lacking areas that were completely immersed in nature. It felt more like a walk around a subdivision than a nature walk.