About Us..

Nature enthusiasts Kathy and Greg Pfeiffer challenge parks and trails in southwest Ohio to see which ones measure up to be the best walking spots for middle age people looking to get a little exercise and enjoy nature.  To be part of their study, the trails have to be part of a park or natural area that is free to the public, and easily accessible from the road.  The trails are rated on the condition of the paths, availability of restrooms, traffic noise, and interesting features such as historic points of interest, and proximity to a wooded area, lake, or river.

Although there are many reasons people go to parks, the Pfeiffer’s overall interest is simply the experience of a walker.  For example, the most favorable trails are those that include a peaceful walk along a river, or walking completely surrounded by trees, giving you a small break from society, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized, body and soul.

You can contact us at WeekendWalkerdotnet@gmail.com